Not getting clients? Chasing fees? Admin Overload?

Not getting clients? Tired of waiting for the phone to ring? Advertising with no results?

There are hundreds of attorneys in your area vying for the same clients you are... The question is why you? What makes you stand out from the rest? The secret: differentiating branding.  With our unique law practice management system, we develop a brand platform that makes you stand out and get clients in the door. 

Do you constantly chase clients to collect legal fees?

Imagine a world where you are no longer chasing clients for fees. A world where you are paid based on the value of the service you provide. Imagine getting paid like clockwork. The secret: Choice Billing. Our unique Choice Billing lets you live in that world.  

Overwhelmed running your practice? Too much or too little time on nonlegal administrative tasks?

You are a trained Lawyer; you should be spending your valuable time helping clients. The secret: you do the legal work let us do the admin. 

The Secret: Turn Your Law Practice Into A Law Business

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Why a Law Business?

Moving from law practice to law business allows you to get more clients, increase client satisfaction and get paid without chasing!

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3 phases of creating a successful law business


S.W.O.T. Analysis 

Articulate vision/mission 

Business plan/canvas 



H.R. Job analysis and design 




Articulate value proposition/brand 

Create brand platform

Design tactical marketing plan

Create tactical media plan

Create internal processes and procedures 

Client intake procedure

Fee structure

Receivable procedure

Client exit process

Complete HR job design 

Establish goals and benchmarks  


Implement marketing plan

Establish and maintain social media platforms weekly 

Update website/provide content as necessary 

Blog management 

Produce and disseminate client newsletter 

Implement HR strategy, procedure and policy 

Pre-screen/vet/train administrative support staff 

Implement client intake procedures 

Implement client exit procedures 

Implement and handle receivable process and procedure 

Provide ongoing staff support/training

Provide ongoing attorney coaching