What is Coaching?

Often we feel overwhelmed and underprepared for the challenges of running a business or practice.  A certified coach can help find the tools to get past the frustrations and create a pathway to success. 

Do you need a certified coach?

If you answer yes to at least three of the following questions,  the answer is absolutely you need a  coach .

1. Do you have a dream of owning a successful business or practice? 

2. Do you have a strong desire to learn?

3. Do you feel unsupported by family and friends in your vision? 

4. Would an accountability partner help you stay on task?

5. Do you need help developing entrepreneurial skills-sets;  i.e., time     management, organization, negotiation, professional risk evaluation, self-     branding?

6. Do you have an unwavering desire to succeed? 

7. Do you have a great idea, but unsure how to get started?  

8. Is your business or practice not performing well, and you are unsure how to     turn it around?

How We Coach

Our entrepreneur coaching provides weekly, bi-weekly and monthly 1-1 sessions. Our program is designed to help you set goals, develop a pathway and stay on course.  The result; growing to your maximum potential.    

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